Website Design

Understanding the expectations of the user when they open a web page

When users open a web
page, they expect it to boot for a few seconds. In addition, it is normal for
all of the page components to appear at the same time, and when that does not
happen, people tend to close the page. That’s why it’s a must to load each page
quickly. We appeal to the designers as they are the ones who create the design
of your site and still fill pages with too many graphics and others, delaying
the loading time. This is one of the basic things that make a web design
convenient and enjoyable for viewing.


One of the most
important things about any web project is the content and it should be easy to
read. It is not desirable that backgrounds colors are close or merge with those
of the text, with a font size of 13pt. It is not recommended to use more than 2
3 fonts and more than 3 4 colors in one web site. The combination of colors
such as red and blue, as well as yellow and blue are not recommended
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If you do not want to
be penalized by Google, do not clutter pages with too many links. On the other
hand, it is recommended that the links be highlighted and colored in a
different color than the text to be highlighted by the content of the whole
page. It’s good that once the links open, they’re loaded into a new window, so
the user does not redirect to the other site or page completely, which allows
him to continue looking at where he’s been.


In order for users to
find what they are looking for on any site, it is important to have a map of
the site. In addition, it is desirable for any web design to have a search box
that greatly facilitates them.

with all browsers

A very important factor
  the web design is compatible with all


It should not be
compromised. Let’s not forget that it is the content of the soul of every
successful web project.


It is important to have
the right message, to be in the color scheme of the whole project. The logo is
an obligatory element of the successful site.


Navigation must be easy
to read, well designed, it is desirable for links to be organized so that users
on the site can easily navigate and discover what they are looking for.


Over 71% of Bulgarians
browse the web with the so called “smart devices,” etc. The
responsive design allows visualization of the content in optimal form so that
it is accessible to different devices, accessed by minimizing sizing and
scrolling on the page.


So, dear friends, stick
to these tips to get very high results at WEB with your project. Even if you
are looking for a competent partner to build your website and then promote it,
contact us immediately!

Understanding the common mistakes while creating a web site and avoiding them

The phase for how to
create a website is above all to be aware and to know common mistakes. It is
necessary to avoid them!

They say that making
mistakes is the most direct way to learn. Yes and no. It is not really
necessary to bump our faces in person, we can also learn from the mistakes of others.
This applies to every area, especially for the creation of websites. It is indeed
inevitable that problems arise, and they are much more common than imagined. So
knowing them at the start can help to prevent them. Let’s see what the common
mistakes in creating a website are.

mistakes in creating a website

Here is an exhaustive

Absence of a plan

Among the common
mistakes in the creation of a website, the biggest one that can be done in the
design of a website is to go ahead without a precise plan  no plan, no method, and therefore easier to
make mistakes . There is nothing else to add.

copy and paste

Parody is a form of
adulation, copy and paste means only lack of commitment and inventiveness. It
is not so much a matter of content, when it comes to format you can see it in
movies as in television programs, if it works and everyone imitates it, even if
it changes a few words. It’s a simple and undemanding way that maybe even works
in part, but it will never get too far. It is not enough to choose a successful
website, copy themes and layouts, adapt it to your niche, and then cross your
fingers, hoping that everything goes well. To get the best professional help
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In a saturated market,
originality is always rewarded. Needless to look at the famous sites, better
keep your eyes firmly on your project. Of course, however, inspiration never
hurts   it is that the line between inspiring and
copying is very thin.

want to create a website like Coca Cola

This error is
complementary to the copy and paste. Many think that it is enough to imitate a
famous brand, its type of marketing, to be successful. But if so, why does Coca
Cola keep winning on Pepsi? Why Facebook, albeit downhill, continues to win
over the social networks that resemble it? Simply because each brand is unique,
imitating the type of marketing, starting from the website, is useless, if not
to give the user the impression that the second site is nothing but a copy of
the famous one.

As already for point 2,
we reiterate that inspiring one to the great is fine, reproducing it in all its
aspects is trivial and cannot but remove the user who, in a now saturated
Internet, is looking for original content. Not to mention that, the big brands
have huge funds available to finance their websites, an emerging site does not
even get a quarter of what in theory can spend the various Facebook, Apple and
so on.

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In person or distance , some companies need a professional in person, however this option has the disadvantage that the budget to pay will always be higher (if the professional is good and has experience), on the other hand there are companies that prefer to work from remotely or remotely, in this case it is recommended that the references of the person are also focused on this system of work (at a distance) since we must take into account that working in this way requires a high sense of responsibility and maturity.

Details of the proposal , it is
important that the proposal is as detailed as possible: system and means of
payment, schedules, means of communication, objectives, etc. since in this way
there will be greater transparency in the process and the points will be clear
from the beginning of the project (which will prevent misunderstandings in the
future). Depend on the best internet
marketing in Singapore
this task now.

Realistic projections , it is
important that the projections obtained be as realistic as possible, for
example in the case that we do not see clear projections or we see that they
seem “very good” to be true (that a high result is offered in a short
period of time ) then it is recommended to distrust the proposal.

Follow the work plan or strategy of the professional

Delegate , it is important that
the work is delegated correctly and it is understood that the person or agency
hired is the expert in the area, like any owner or manager of a business or
company, your time should focus on the most important tasks of your business or
place (and not in daily tasks), in case you want to participate in a more
active way in the project there are adequate moments to do it (for example the
web analytics meetings and review of indicators that are made every month).
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website design
this kind of work.

Time to see results, it is
important that we understand that this type of work does not generate
“immediate” or “micro wave” results but that it takes time
and requires a lot of work and dedication to see the return on investment,
personally we recommend having a projection or minimum work time of 6 months so
you can know and analyze the process effectively.

Follow the guidelines, it is
important to follow all the indications of the professional in charge, for
example we cannot say objectively if a chef is good or bad if we force him to
modify his original recipe, as well as not using an ingredient (egg salt or
sugar) can spoil a cake or plate the same thing can happen with a work plan of
a professional in the field.